When to Refresh

Daily and weekly refreshes keep your Effectiveness Habits going strong. As described in Habit #6, refreshes make sure your lists stay current and you generally stay calm and in charge.

Here are some options for when you might choose to do your refreshes.

Daily Refreshes: at the end of your business day, before bed, upon awakening, at the start of your business day. Some people successfully do more than one refresh per day.

Weekly Refreshes: assuming your weekend includes Saturday and Sunday, suggestions for weekly refreshes include: at the end of your business week (e.g. Friday afternoon), Sunday evening or night, some other quiet time over the weekend, or Monday morning. Some people prefer a mid-week refresh instead of or in addition to a weekend refresh. For your weekly refresh, book the time in your calendar each week.

In fact, it doesn’t really matter when you choose to do your daily and weekly refreshes. Choose to do them consistently and you will find yourself staying on top of your to dos.


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