One Way to Go

As the name of this blog indicates, I think success is simple. It’s just not always that easy. Take for instance getting started with the Effectiveness Habits. You may want to replace old organization habits with ones you think would better serve you. But habits are sticky. To deal with old, sticky habits, your first three steps are

  1. making the choice to adopt a new habit,
  2. seeing the new habit as 100% in-line with what you really want, and
  3. taking any action that makes sense and moves you closer to your goal.

Friend and reader, Jay, came up with a great way to get started with his Effectiveness Habits system. After reading the daily posts for a while, he chose to adopt these habits. He saw them as useful. Then he took action. He created seven cards, each with one of the habits printed on it. Then he pinned the cards at eye level on the board behind his computer. Says Jay, “I feel that the seed planted many weeks ago has just sprouted”

How about you? If you have chosen to adopt these or other habits, how have you started?


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2 thoughts on “One Way to Go

  1. I have taken the scary step of using the task manager in Outlook to try to manage my lists online, since I was struggling with duplicates and re-writing. So far, mixed results – there’s a difference between writing/reviewing a written document and looking at things on a screen, but I haven’t reverted back yet!

    1. Hi Diane,

      You can have your Outlook tasks synchronize with your BlackBerry or other smart phone. Would that help you make your lists more tangible?


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