When to Start, Leap, Go

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With a sense of what we want, why we want it, and an excited expectation of it unfolding in front of us, we can launch anything, right now. With a sense of doubt, it’s best to raise our buzz until we’ve reached that excited expectation. The worst possible time to start is when we have doubts that we […]

4 directions

Success Starts Where?

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If success is the goal, where do you start? It turns out that there are just four places to start. Whether for yourself or your organization, you can pick  or reassert a specific, complete, commonly-understood, compelling direction/focus, build stronger win-win results and relationships with the people who matter, work you inner game by directing your […]

Quick-Start Your Effectiveness System

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There is no one right way to do anything including starting your own Effectiveness System and Habits. You can start wherever you think it best and build up at your own pace. And if you have not yet established your own Effectiveness System and Habits–or if you have fallen behind in a system you did […]

One Way to Go

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As the name of this blog indicates, I think success is simple. It’s just not always that easy. Take for instance getting started with the Effectiveness Habits. You may want to replace old organization habits with ones you think would better serve you. But habits are sticky. To deal with old, sticky habits, your first […]