Busting It Wide Open


Having strong relationships with others is one of the four pillars of simple success. (The others are having a compelling goal, getting stuff done in a natural flow, and replacing broken mental models with supportive ones.)

Sometimes our important relationships stop being strong. Maybe we notice they annoy us. Or threaten us. Or maybe they lack some critical skill. Perhaps they have insulted us or we have somehow harmed them. So instead of engaging and celebrating with them, we tolerate them. Yuck.

Here’s how you bust wide open a stale relationship and encourage a vitality that will benefit all. Next time you encounter someone with whom you have a stale or strained relationship, silently say to yourself “I see you. I love you. Peace.” Try it a few times with that same person. Notice what happens then come back and tell us what you uncover.


In your corner,



PS: Of course, since you are the only person who will hear you, this is a painless exercise.

PPS: Bonus points if you try it while the other person is in the room and you aren’t speaking (e.g. just passing in the hall). Double bonus points if you try it when the other person is not even in the room with you.


Today’s photo credit: chotda via photopin cc

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