Fit and Freaks


“It is OK to let your freak flags fly and embrace the quirkmeister that’s inside of all of us.” –k.d. lang

The truth is, we are all freaks of one sort or another. We often pretend not to be so that we can have an easier time fitting. And that’s fine; it’s just inefficient.

Fitting is important. We all need to know where we fit. But if we all spend so much time and energy hiding from each other what makes us unique or valuable, then maybe we have an opportunity to do more with less.

Why not loosen up a touch? Be confident in you. Allow yourself to be yourself. (Maybe more of your unique juicy goodness will become unlocked.) Then seek to fit with others through common denominators such as deep-mutual-respect-just-because-we-are-human, accountability, celebration, politeness, curiosity, or love.


In your corner,



PS: Who besides you can possibly give you permission to be you?  Yes, exactly so.

Today’s photo credit: Orcinus O. via photopin cc

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