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  • Natural Confidence

    Natural Confidence

    A recent social media post that reminded me of my son Adam’s natural confidence. Whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a 4-year old in a Batman shirt. He was that 4-year old and happily remains confident as young man. To some of us, confidence may seem a bit selfish or egotistic. […]

  • If You Only Knew

    If You Only Knew

    If you only knew the power you have. Within each of us is a wiser part that has the connection, meaning, answers and solutions we otherwise struggle to find.  If you only knew.   In your corner, Mike Today’s photo courtesy of PublicDomainPictures

  • I Know Where the Library Is

    I Know Where the Library Is

    We have a story in our family about Aunt Lavie. While she was a young girl, the building housing what was once her small town’s library was on her family’s property. One day when she was very old, her nieces took her out for lunch at a newly-built fast-food restaurant in town. The restaurant had included…

  • A Delicious Morsel of Truth

    A Delicious Morsel of Truth

    Professional assessments accurately measure different aspects of who we are. We can use them to learn about our styles, comfort zones, drivers, and capabilities. One assessment gauges how clearly we see ourselves. High scores mean we understand ourselves clearly and accurately. Low scores indicate we are seeing ourselves inaccurately. This assessment includes a factor that measures…

  • Why We Can’t Hold On To Success

    Once we get plugged in, raise our buzz, and are feeling confident, we feel so great and are enjoying the results so much that we may be tempted to hold on to this state. But we can’t. It’s not because “there are ups and downs in life,” “we have to accept the bad with the…

  • We Can Cultivate Confidence

    We Can Cultivate Confidence

    Leading, influencing, selling, and success-in-general require that we are confident. We are confident when we trust our power. Our power is our ability to create through our thoughts. Unexpectedly, our power appears to be always there, always on. The trick is being very picky about which thoughts we focus our attention upon. Yes, even that…

  • Confidence Is Not Speaking Louder

    Confidence Is Not Speaking Louder

    We often misunderstand confidence. We think confidence is faking it until we make it, knowing all the answers, or just speaking louder. Confidence is not something that we have.  It is not something that we do. We are confident. Or we are not. And as with every state of being, we have the ability to…

  • Jump In

    Jump In

    We often think about doing something new (starting a business, making a product, taking a stand, making a difference) and stop because we lack confidence.  We say, “I’ve never done this before. I don’t know how to do this. I am not sure I have what others have when it comes to doing this.  So…

  • There Are No Formulae

    We look for success in step-by-step packages or get frustrated that there is no formula. We may see this in large or small scales in our careers, businesses, lives. Yes, there are tools, patterns, insights that can guide. (This blog, for instance, I hope.) Overall what’s needed is an unreasonable confidence in success. This keeps…

  • Fit and Freaks

    Fit and Freaks

    “It is OK to let your freak flags fly and embrace the quirkmeister that’s inside of all of us.” –k.d. lang The truth is, we are all freaks of one sort or another. We often pretend not to be so that we can have an easier time fitting. And that’s fine; it’s just inefficient. Fitting…