Natural Confidence

A recent social media post that reminded me of my son Adam’s natural confidence. Whatever you do today, do it with the […]

If You Only Knew

If you only knew the power you have. Within each of us is a wiser part that has the connection, meaning, answers […]


A Delicious Morsel of Truth

Professional assessments accurately measure different aspects of who we are. We can use them to learn about our styles, comfort zones, drivers, […]

jump in

Jump In

We often think about doing something new (starting a business, making a product, taking a stand, making a difference) and stop because […]

There Are No Formulae

We look for success in step-by-step packages or get frustrated that there is no formula. We may see this in large or […]


Fit and Freaks

“It is OK to let your freak flags fly and embrace the quirkmeister that’s inside of all of us.” –k.d. lang The […]