Why We Can’t Hold On To Success

Once we get plugged in, raise our buzz, and are feeling confident, we feel so great and are enjoying the results so much that we may be tempted to hold on to this state. But we can’t.

It’s not because “there are ups and downs in life,” “we have to accept the bad with the good,” or “into every life some rain must fall.” It’s because any attempt to hold on to something good comes from a thought about how these good-feeling states are scarce, difficult to achieve, or somehow not a natural part of our lives. That thought gives way to us dropping out of that state.

The trick is not to hold on but to recognize as quickly as possible whenever we have a low buzz, are not plugged in, or are feeling unsure. And then we use any of our tools to get back just as quickly.

Over time, we stay longer and longer. Doing so, we train ourselves to know that these good-feeling states and the good results they sponsor are plentiful, easy to come by, and a natural part of who we are.

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