The Effectiveness Habits: an Overview

For quick reference and review, here is a list of the seven Effectiveness Habits with brief descriptions and links to detailed descriptions of each.

1 Get it Out of Your Head Write down every current and potential task so your mind won’t have to remember everything.
2 Feel Good. Then Act. When you pause to feel better, your actions and the results you want come with much more ease.
3 MOD It Transform your Habit #1 mass of tasks, ideas, and potential tasks into Meaningful Outcomes and Doables.
4 Act Naturally Neither pushing nor avoiding, scan your list of doables to choose the very best thing to do.
5 Know Why Know the big picture and know why that big picture is compelling so you can put daily work into a meaningful context.
6 Refresh Refresh your system of lists daily and weekly so it stays reliable and so you continue to feel in charge.
7 Cultivate Access to You Dedicate regular time to discovering and accessing your deeper, who-you-really-are self for ease.


And, rounding out this list, the article describing How to Build a New Habit.

So, what would you like to do next to become more effective with more ease?


To your continued success,


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