Why We Are Awful at Picking What To Do Next
Why We Are Awful at Picking What To Do Next

Why We Are Awful at Picking What To Do Next

Most days we waste a whack of time and energy. We struggle to figure out–and do first–the most important, urgent, due, or priority tasks. We really can’t see, amongst all the competing tasks, which are the most due-urgent-important. Attempts to rank tasks usually backfire. That calculus is too difficult. And we will always question if we shouldn’t be working on something else now.

What would happen if, instead of choosing the most urgent, the most important, the most overdue, the highest priority task, or the task we most “should” do,  we always selected the best-feeling task to do next?

Would we get into trouble? Would there be chaos? Panic in the streets? Dogs and cats living together!?


If we maintain a fairly current list of all the things we could do, then choose from that list the next best-feeling task, we will feel great, be quite productive, and take care of the important, urgent, due, and priority. You see, the best-feeling tasks include the truly important, urgent, due, and priority ones. No calculus needed.


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