Natural Confidence

A recent social media post that reminded me of my son Adam’s natural confidence.

Whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a 4-year old in a Batman shirt.

He was that 4-year old and happily remains confident as young man.

To some of us, confidence may seem a bit selfish or egotistic. But that’s true only if we are trying puff ourselves up: false confidence masking a belief that we somehow aren’t valuable.

Natural confidence is how you feel when you know that you are valuable regardless of where you fit, how you fit, or your possessions, habits, and accomplishments. We all have this in us. Far from being selfish, natural confidence leads us to enliven, inspire, and serve others while living an abundant, wonderful life.

In your corner,


PS: If this type of confidence feels distant or impossible right now, try this: Spend 10 minutes asking yourself, “What would it feel like if I were naturally confident?” Then wait. The wiser part of you will give you answers. Set aside for now any thoughts that come up about why you might not be confident. Find the physical feeling: a warmth, lightness, relief, or tingling in your back, gut, chest, neck, arms, legs etc. Write down what you feel and any related observations. Repeat daily for two weeks. Extend it to four weeks if you like. Watch for subtle or surprising insights and opportunities.

Heh, no, that’s not Adam. Image by April Bryant from Pixabay