Natural Confidence

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A recent social media post that reminded me of my son Adam’s natural confidence. Whatever you do today, do it with the confidence of a 4-year old in a Batman shirt. He was that 4-year old and happily remains confident as young man. To some of us, confidence may seem a bit selfish or egotistic. […]

Like Tying An Arm Behind Your Back

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To push through our days–so matter-of-factly–without the insight of the wiser part of ourselves seems silly. It is as if we were trying to make our way through our lives with an arm fixedly tied behind our backs. Why do that?   In your corner, Mike Today’s image courtesy of WolfBlur

Hear Past the Chatter

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All day, we chatter along to ourselves. Mostly we repeat the same fear-driven opinions, judgments, and assessments about ourselves, the world, and how to figure out the problems we face. Now, who listening to our chatter? It’s us, the deeper, wiser part of who we are. The neat thing is that this part has better […]

In a World…

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In a world where most people think of themselves as their thoughts and feelings, we who regularly connect with the wiser part of ourselves become natural leaders. We need not hold any positions or titles. We don’t try to do anything special. We do watch our buzz levels. Then calm and inspiration just sorta happen. […]

Emotions Aren’t What You Think They Are

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Much (…most…all?) of success at work is our head game. Just as athletes can win or lose based on what’s going on inside, our emotions strongly influence our success in business and life. We see how negative emotions damage our (work) game and positive emotions propel us to success. We usually think of our (negative) […]