Don’t Change the World

Whether when musing about the news or choosing our next job/project, we can trip up thinking that we are here to change the world. We’re not. There’s something more delicious for us to do: change our world.

The world is too distant, distracting, and depressing. It’s full of spiky obstacles, shiny objects, and competing ideologies. When we try to change the world, we become unmoored. Tired, angry, or bitter, everything is a battle.

But our world is immediate, tangible, and exciting. It’s full of people we know, systems we understand, and areas we can influence. When we choose to change our world, we tap immense power. Alive, energized, and connected, everything happens with surprising ease.

Start here, with what you’ve got and the people you know.

In your corner,


PS: Over time, as we change our world, our world grows to include more of the world. No matter how big our world gets, we will always be satisfied with where we are and happy to take on more. That’s how all good work happens.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay