Advanced Course in Leading, Selling, and Influencing


If I were to offer an advanced course in leading, selling, and influencing, it would focus on cultivating this particularly productive stance.

To lead (with or without title), sell, and influence, we must develop two facets of our inner game. The first is our belief in ourselves. The second is our belief in everyone else. By “belief in ourselves,” I mean a trust that we each have all the desire and ability we need to create whatever results we want with ease. “Belief in everyone else” means we trust they have all the desire and ability, too.

This is not a false hope or an insecure bravado. It is a deep, quiet knowing. (Hint: False hope and bravado try to cover up bad-feeling thoughts. This quiet knowing feels pretty darn good.) Even when evidence points to a lack of desire or ability, we assume that we and everyone else have them both.

From this stance, we navigate by curiosity. “What do I/they desire? Which ability will I/they apply now? How long until I/they trust this? How can we help each other?” The resulting flow of conversations, thoughts, and actions will astound. And what a stark contrast to the typical ways of leading, selling, and influencing.

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PS: This advanced course has one lesson, no prelims, and no final. Just lots of homework: practice daily seeing the desire and ability.

PPS: Sometimes what looks like a lack of desire or ability is really a desire and ability to choose a new place to play.


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