The Shortest Distance

shortest distance

We are here, we need to be there, and we need to take these steps to get there. It’s the straight line, the shortest distance. Yet other people not only can’t see it, they get in the way. They don’t do their part. They engage in politics, passive or aggressive resistance, and interference. Why can’t they see it? Why do they insist on making us take the long-way around?

Because what we see as obvious they see as a threat. Our plans conflict with their sense of themselves and with their opinions, beliefs, values, thoughts, egos, and emotions. They feel challenged, rejected, unsafe, or wrong. So they react, often unconsciously. And the path that seemed the shortest distance ends up taking way too long and costing way too much.

The path that seemed the longest–understanding what would be a win for each other then creating together a real win-win solution–is really the shortest distance between here and there.


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Today’s photo credit: Wolfgang Staudt cc

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