One Cure for Inaction

One big source of inaction is the thought that we should shoot for big results, that we need to hit home runs to be successful.

We get stuck because the big results look too hard, too complicated, and too risky. So we do nothing.

Instead, take tiny steps consistently. Do what you can each day. When you do, you move closer to your goal, generate momentum and excitement, and attract others who will help. You also see better where to go next as you take small steps closer.

Go for singles, bunts, and walks instead of grand slams. And here is something odd and helpful: if you take care of the singles etc., the grand slams will take care of themselves.

To your continued success,


3 thoughts on “One Cure for Inaction

  1. Thanks for the reminder Mike. I have been feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the work that needs to get done for my Alliance accreditation, and it has completely paralysed me into inaction. Your piece this morning reminded me to break it all down and choose one small place to start.

    Have a wonderful day!

  2. Funny how these messages feel custom-written sometimes. I was discouraged yesterday about a setback where our “grand slam” turned into a single. This gives me a different way to look at it. Maybe we’ll score a run in the end, anyway!

  3. Great advice, Mike. Though I’ve seen evidence of it time and again in my own life, it’s still hard to resist the impulse to grasp at the grand slam. This advice is just as applicable when you start gaining some momentum.

    P.S. Pop on down to the Rogers Centre – I think the Blue Jays could use your help today!

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