Can People Change, Really?

tiger stripes

We tend to believe that people can’t change certain core aspects of their behavior and personality. “A tiger can’t change it’s stripes, ya know.” Or can they? Can people change, really?

Yes. But they do not change because we want them to. No amount of pushing, cajoling, training, pleading, threatening, coaching, or wishing will change another. They will resist in all sorts of creative ways. In fact, trying to get another to change is a great way to keep them unchanged.

People can and will change whenever they see the net benefit of changing outweighing the net benefit of remaining as the have been. We can help by a) learning their dreams, goals, and desired wins, b) knowing our own dreams, goals, and desired wins, and c) exploring with them how we can help each other get those wins.


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PS: This kinda changes the typical boss-employee, seller-buyer, government-governed, and parent-child relationships, doesn’t it?

PPS: It changes all typical relationships, actually.


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