Turn to Focus

turn to focus

The suggestion is, “Feel good. Then act.” And that knot in your gut, that tension between your shoulders or up your neck, that jittery, bothersome, or stiff sensation in your chest, legs, back, or head, that sense of weight, cold, or weariness? These all feel bad.

When you feel (and feelings happen in your body) bad, you are focused on a thought–often a habitual thought, one you typically do not notice consciously–that runs counter to what you need, want, and desire. Since our thoughts have an uncanny way of creating reality, I recommend you turn to focus on what you want.

You need not understand or even identify the bad-feeling thought. Just ask, “What thought would feel better than this?” Appreciating all that you already are and have is another good method. And so are all of these: the flip, the ladder, telling yourself a different lie, the keep-or-toss, and this is me.

Get good at focusing on what you want and you will get good at getting what you want.


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