Buzz-Raising for Profit


Avoid the temptation to label feeling good or raising your buzz as soft, touchy-feely, or impractical. Buzz-raising is an asset that generates huge profits. Feeling good, tough problems at work and home become easy. When we feel good, other people benefit and become, in turn, more helpful to us.

When we succeed at raising our buzz, we often find it so delightful and useful that we may think we need to hold on lest we drop back. We try to hedge our losses.

This never works. Thinking we need to hold on is, itself, a bad-feeling, low-buzz, fearful thought.  It points to the belief,”I am likely to lose this asset.” If we focus here, our buzz drops and we lose profit.

Instead, our best strategy, as with any asset, is to put it to work. That is, we keep catching ourselves when we feel bad and we use one or more of the many buzz-raising tools to return to profit.


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