Leadership Rule #2

look within

It’s at least half you.

As leaders (with or without titles), our talents, skills, world view, self view, and emotions contribute at least 50% to whatever is working or not working around us. Yes, others are clearly accountable for their work and attitude. But when something goes wrong, we generally can not say that they are the problem. At least, not at first.

We will realize a high ROI from looking within when things aren’t going well. We can do this by honestly exploring questions like,

  • How clearly have I communicated expectations?
  • How clearly doing they understand what results they are responsible for?
  • To what extent am I committed to win-win?
  • How confident and competent is this team member on these tasks?
  • How well am I modeling the relevant leadership attitudes and behaviors?
  • How well do the systems and protocols support or prevent good results?
  • How else does the environment support or prevent good results?
  • How am I feeling? Frustrated? Challenged?
  • Have I done my level best to understand, coach, and hold accountable this person?

Go within, Leader.


In your corner,


PS: When things go well, we get to take our share of the credit, too.

PPS: In the face of continued poor results, we need to know that we have done our level best. Only then can we really say, “Nope. It’s them,” and take appropriate actions.


Today’s photo credit: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory cc

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