The Tough Medicine of Great Leadership

tough medicine

Our organizations reflect our own wisdom and development level as leaders. Where we see things going well, we can credit ourselves for helping create this environment where everyone is succeeding. Where we see things (often chronically) not going well, we must find and evolve within ourselves the habits of thought and action that contribute to the problem. In either case, the buck stops with us.

This can be tough medicine to swallow. We resist looking at our negative habits of thought and action. We may deny they exist. We may even blame everyone or everything else. But dealing with our habits is never as bad as we fear. Exposing and evolving our negative habits end up being way easier than maintaining them.

Chin up. Leader. Take this medicine. You’ll be (better than) fine and your organization will thank you for it.


In your corner,


PS: Yes, this means you. Even if you are not the most senior leader in the organization or even if you lack a title.


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