Career “Shoulds”


“How does your resume look? Do you have an MBA? Did you have an overseas assignment? Do you have this qualification and that training? They look at these things you know. How long have you been in your current role? You really should have more start-up/big-company/finance/sales/operations experience.”

Well-meaning people can “should” all over you when it comes to career advice. They make assumptions about what companies might need, want, desire from you–what boxes you will need to tick to pass muster. While there are grains of truth behind what they say you should do or have–some roles do honestly need an MBA–most of it is immaterial at best. At worst, their recommendations are a recipe for worry, stress, and disappointment.

Ticking boxes is no way to land a job, not for you. Far better to find your SweetSpot–where you are most engaged, effective, and valuable–choose your course based on your SweetSpot, and then grow your network to include your next employer, client, or business partner.


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