Happy New Week!

What if we could only get three things done today? Or if we could only get three things done this week?

The answer is straightforward: we’d get very clear what the most important three things are, we’d do them, then we’d relax or go for a walk or something.

Of course, we can choose to enforce this creative limitation any time we want. We could pick our most important things each day and each week and do just them. Then we’d be free to spend the rest of the time enjoying doing whatever (including, perhaps, more work tasks or not) and enjoying having the most important things done.

That would make quite a week.


In your corner,


PS: We all tend to suffer under The Grand Myth of Productivity: “More is Better.” We push ourselves to do more. More actions done, more decisions made, more boxes ticked, more meetings had, more delegations made, more emails processed are–so the myth goes–much better than less. Nope. More leads to stress, sub-optimal thinking and decisions, overwhelm, and mistakes. Worse, whatever we think is really most important to us gets lost in the worlds of push, make-it-happen, and more-and-more.


Today’s photo credit: C.E. Kent cc

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