What Stands Between You and Delight

when life gives you lemons

The only thing between you and your delight is your thinking. Whatever you are focusing on at work or at home that has you feeling badly tends to remain in place.

I know; it is so counterintuitive. When we see trouble we want to press harder. We think we need to figure things out. We need to do more, to force ourselves and the world around us to yield.

But let’s recognize why. Driving our need to press is quite a damaging belief. We believe that whatever we need to succeed is scarce, hard to come by, and available only with luck or hard work. And it just isn’t.

What you need is right there, inside you–part of you. Feel good to access it.

Relax. Allow. Ease up.


In your corner,



Today’s photo credit: Jill Clardy via photopin cc

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