Job Fit


How can you tell if you are in the right job? It feels good. In particular:

  • You regularly use your core talents (as opposed to skills),
  • You engage (most of) your passions, values, and motivators,
  • It’s a win for you (you meet your needs for, say,  money, challenge, environment, freedom, working with good people), and
  • It’s a win for your organization (they see you deliver desired results).

How can you tell if the person you are about to hire is a fit for the job? It feels good. In particular:

  • The candidate’s talents meet the talents needed to do the job well.
  • The candidate’s passions, values, and motivators match the culture of the organization and the rewards of the job.
  • The candidate and the organization agree that this is a win (i.e. the candidate’s needs and the organization’s desired results are met).



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