A quick public service reminder: you and everyone are special and valuable. From the definition of the word (and because “you are special” often sounds trite), you might be tempted to think that not everyone could be special. “How can everyone be special? That would be like saying that everyone was above average,” you might say.

Or you can remember that your colleagues, your employees, your boss, your clients, your partners, your kids, your parents, your friends, and your foes each have a unique combination of talents, passions, needs/wants/desires, and types of challenges they really enjoy helping with. And you can remember how valuable each unique combination is to you and the world-at-large.

You would also remember that you are just as special, valuable, and important. How could you not be? And how can you continue to act as if you were not?


In your corner,


PS: Had you forgotten? No worries; it happens. Just tell me what you are going to be and do now that you’ve remembered.

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