Management by Pop Quiz

Long ago, companies were run by standardizing, squeezing out waste, and controlling everything. To make that work, employees were expected to know stuff that kept the machinery running. At a moment’s notice, they had to spout things like sales figures, what the competition was doing, internal rates of return, and inventory turns by SKU. It was like management by pop quiz. And everyone learned that their value to the company–in addition to compliance–was the sum of what they knew.

That was then. Companies today know that those who continue to focus on efficiency are merely fighting to get to the bottom. They must now engage and delight. The old pop quizzes are useless. It’s now management by inspiration. What today’s companies need from you are your talents, heart, and empathy. They need your sense of possibility. Your ability to collaborate is precious to them.They thrive on your ability to span and help others span the gap between what is true now and what is wanted.

Oh, and if your company still has a bit of the ‘management by pop quiz’ going on, that’s OK. Just use your talents, heart, empathy, etc. to help them span that gap.

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2 thoughts on “Management by Pop Quiz

  1. Loved this one – I think it’s a great way to focus on what you bring to the table; and how you can inspire your peers and staff in the same way that you like to be inspired!

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