Give It To Them

When leaders act as if there is one right way–their way, they become micromanagers. If this is you, please cut it out. You’re working way too hard and others are better at it. Give it to them and let them return with the desired results in hand. Coach them if needed. And focus on what we really need you for: clarity of purpose, team selection (including finding people who are better at the work than you are) & development, supporting systems, and constant communication about what’s up and how we’re doing.


In your corner,


PS: We actually expect you to slip into the micromanager trap. Before you became a leader you were praised and driven to deliver perfect results (think school, your first jobs). Now as a leader, you have to accept that your value is elsewhere. Will you? Thanks.

PPS: Have you already tried giving away the work only to have it come back done poorly? Try debugging your delegation.

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