More Valuable Indeed

Which is more valuable? To be the one who has the answer or to be the one who knows that we will find the answer together somehow?

Long, long ago in the Industrial Age, having the answer was certainly more valuable. If you could either make a decision with authority or gather enough data to make your case convincingly, you helped the organization in its quest to quickly assimilate, standardize, and systematize.

Of course, things are very different today. You can still try making decisions with authority or gathering enough data. You can try to manage the complexity of today’s issues and the speed at which they arrive on your doorstep. But being the one who knows the answer will only get harder and harder.

Be the one who has the faith (and talent and experience) to know that we–together–will find the answer somehow. Believe in us, inspire us, organize us. Use all of our hearts, minds, and tools to tame the complexity, respond nimbly, and serve our clients greatly. That would be very valuable indeed.


In your corner,


PS: You don’t even need a title or office. Just jump in.

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