The effort it takes to keep a trade secret or preserve a patent may not be worth it.

Companies like Apple and Samsung chase each other around the world from courtroom to courtroom. They spend gagillions trying to attack and defend each other’s secrets and patents. Sure, it’s their prerogative. They can sue and counter sue all they want. But battles engender battles and the costs of these endeavours go up and up. Imagine what wonderful products and services they could have brought to market with all that time, energy, and money.

These days, your clients don’t buy what you’ve patented. They do business with you because they know that you get them, you engage, you care, you solve a problem/meet a need, and you play for win-win.


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2 thoughts on “Gagillions

  1. Right on, Mike, never a truer word was said! We (ie, most of the developed world) need a world-scale shift in culture from conflict and aggression to collaboration and empathy. I recommend the book “Things that money can’t buy” for significant insights into this issue..

  2. Hi Jay,

    Yes, this is about collaboration and empathy. And it will help when those who have been choosing conflict/aggression see that, done well, collaboration and empathy is more profitable.

    I found the book “What Money Can’t Buy” by Michael Sandel. Is that the one you referred to?


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