We Need a Different Name


I need a favor. And I think you can help.

For almost 3 years, I have been calling it– that set of habits and lists that help you stay sane and always doing whatever is the most compelling thing–your effectiveness system.

It doesn’t quite roll off the tongue, does it?

It is an accurate name. But it sounds weighty. We need a new, shorter name that still hints at the usefulness of the approach.

What do you think of names like your valet, your house manager,  or your assistant (after this idea)? Or maybe your do bot? Your habits and lists?

Leave a comment (link below) or send me an email with your insight, guidance, and suggestion(s).

And, if your not currently using your valet/bot/habits & lists, consider getting started with this simple version.

Much obliged,  I remain,


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5 thoughts on “We Need a Different Name

  1. I’ve always felt that getting through the day reguires some fancy footwork. Which requires choreography. So I’d go with ‘dance card’. (If you want to sound more refined use French – programme due bal) 🙂

  2. Haven’t thought of a good name, but to encourage interest and paticipation I am trying to think of a name that is either a stong verb implying action or focused on a key benefit implying a desired result.

    Just read the previous post and it triggered “Fait accompli”.

  3. All I could think of were bad names. Clearly, I’m not as good at this as previous posters. But to add to the conversation, here are the bad ones.

    • The UberList
    • Just Do It List

    • Effectiveness Manager – yuck.
    • Optimizer
    • Get ‘er Done System

    I’m trying to find a snappy way to incorporate picking the right thing and then doing it.

    Oh well. Hopefully my poor suggestions will spark someone’s ingenuity.


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