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  • TAP: The Accountability Process

    TAP: The Accountability Process

    Holding each other accountable is a critical part of working well together. All leaders must master this. Many struggle to get others to follow through. But with TAP (The Accountability Process), it’s really straightforward. There are two main steps: Agree on who will do what by when. Whoever has agreed to accomplish something gets it done by […]

  • We Don’t Dare Dictate Deadlines

    We Don’t Dare Dictate Deadlines

    Want to have more wasted effort, delays, and incomplete work? All we have to do is dictate deadlines and watch everyone’s productivity come crashing down. When we dictate deadlines, we are asking for resistance, unsustainable heroism, and mistakes. We aren’t the experts in their work. They are. We are not committing to a deadline. They are.…

  • We Are The Leaders

    We Are The Leaders

    We are the leaders. More than half of the successes and failures of our organizations are down to us as leaders. Our organizations–whether they succeed or struggle–are mirrors of our leadership. We are the leaders. Leadership is the edge that we hone. This is where we find the leverage we need slay the dragons, win…

  • What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

    Despite commitments and good intentions, people regularly fail to do what they had said they would do. It is tempting to explain that their lack of moral fiber or their deep, dark intention to do harm causes these failures. Most of the time, fiber and dark intention have nothing to do with it. People fail to follow…

  • Accountability

    You can make me responsible. And I will feel quite proud about that until you jump in and tell me what to do, how to do it, or how what I’m doing is wrong. You can give me authority. And that will be useful until you countermand me. Or you can make me accountable for…

  • Leadership Teams that Work

    Show me an organization that is suffering and I’ll show you an organization with a broken leadership team. Show me an organization that consistently thrives and we both will see a leadership team whose members have a high degree of respect and trust for each other, come to productive consensus (i.e. “I may not agree…