What Some Sages Say About Getting Stuff Done


The sages tell us that, when we stop trying to get it all done–to make everything happen, a weird thing occurs: the stuff gets done anyway. (“Whaa?” True!) Get clear about what you want and leave the “how” alone, they say.

How can this possibly be true? I suspect it has to do with how compelling our thoughts become when we get clear about what we want. Undiluted by worries about how (or who or when), our clear thoughts about what we want compel us and those around us. Things just work without fretting. This is why vision- and mission statements, done well, are so effective.

If we could only trust the mechanism more, we’d find success much easier to come by.


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PS: If you’ve never witnessed this weirdness, chances are your thoughts about what you want are clouded by “yeah but” thoughts about obstacles, worries about the future, or regrets about the past. Practice just saying, “Regardless of circumstances, I want_____.” Fill in the blank and see how it feels. Good? You’re on your way. Bad? Try flipping or laddering.

PPS: One sage, Byron Katie, says she never makes decisions; decisions make themselves at the right time and do a darn good job of it. She is not advocating an abdication of responsibility, mind you. She encourages healthy doses of presence and a quiet knowing that it will all work out.

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