If We Focus On What’s Wrong…

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…we will only succeed in perpetuating it (or something like it). In other words, we will never solve a problem by complaining about it, wishing or waiting for it to change, or arguing for the power of any obstacles to prevent its solution. Focus on what’s right, good leader.   In your corner, Mike PS: […]

The Uncertainty Principle

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In physics, the Uncertainly Principle says we can never know both the position and momentum of a particle. We can only ever know one or the other. The Uncertainty Principle for success at work and home says that we cannot focus on both desired outcomes and on any specific how, when, and who that we […]


Heated Arguments

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Heated arguments over How, Who, or When usually indicate we have lost track of the three bigger picture questions: “What is going on now?”, “What do we wan to have happen instead?”, and “Why?” To reduce friction and conflict–to get moving forward again–let’s go back and agree on What, What, and Why first. Then the […]



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When you raise your buzz, new tools and solutions–ones you couldn’t see or wouldn’t appreciate at a lower buzz–become available. One of those tools is serendipity. At a lower buzz, we worry about how things will happen. Raising our buzz, we notice more and more happy, beneficial, chance meetings, events, and coincidences. We go from […]


Addicted to “How”?

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We have somehow come to believe that we must vigilantly think about how all manner of things will unfold. We imagine that bad things will happen if we don’t try to anticipate and control eventualities. For most any situation, we envision all that could go wrong, we generate angst, we lower our buzz, and become […]

It is Not What We Do

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Greet the client using the phrase the other retail automatons use or be genuinely glad they arrived? Profit as the driver or the happy byproduct? Make a cold call or make a connection? Smile and say you understand or really hear me? Lower your prices or make your product/service irresistibly good? For the paycheck or […]


Fools to Think

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We would be fools to think that our vision of how it should happen is the right, only, or best way. You know that, of course. No matter how hard we try, some others will think what we are saying is bunk. This is true partly because it is (we can’t know everything), partly because […]