Success and What We Really May Believe


In daily life, we assume as certain many things which, on closer scrutiny, are found to be so full of apparent contradictions that only a great amount of thought enables us to know what it is that we really may believe.

– Bertrand Russell

Bertie is both right and wrong, I think. It’s true that our lives are built upon a foundation of unexplored beliefs. But we can understand, evolve, and profit from those beliefs without, necessarily, “a great amount of thought.”

The flow of our lives shows us what we believe. That’s because the world has that odd way of reflecting our thoughts. To the extent we believe anything, we will tend to see evidence of it all around.

To evolve and profit from our beliefs, we use our feelings. When we feel bad, we are thinking thoughts (and beliefs are just habitual thoughts) counter to our success. When we feel good, our beliefs are supporting our success. We can use these tools to evolve our thinking and feel good.


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PS: What does this have to do with business, leadership, sales, or career success? Pretty much everything, I’d say.


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