Hiring Well: It’s Not About Skills Or Experience


Hiring candidates who have the skills and experience we need can be very risky. In the end, it doesn’t matter if they are provably good at budgeting, sales, project management, training, coding, operations, marketing, or any other skill.

To see why, consider the main reasons we have for firing people. They don’t care. They don’t understand and manage themselves. They don’t understand what is important to others. They lie. They are not confident; they may be cocky. They go for lose-win, win-lose, or lose-lose. They are defensive. They don’t listen. They damage other people’s work and attitude. They hate, distrust, manipulate, and/or bully. In short, they have a poor attitude.

If we hire people for their skills, experience, or interviewing prowess, and ignore their attitude, we should not be surprised when we have to fire (some of) them for poor attitude.


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PS: When we take into account the huge costs of hiring, firing, and replacing people with the wrong attitude, it’s far cheaper to hire based on attitude and train for any missing skills.


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