Make the Call about Team Members

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We can waste a lot of our leadership energy worrying or complaining about and then trying to fix the flaws in our team members. As we and they dance around our uncertainty, the whole company suffers. So let’s make the call. Either we believe they can do it and we support them to get there […]

The Value of Value

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Hire this person who has the experience or wait to find someone who fits our culture? Discount out of fear that this client will leave or hold out for clients who appreciate and pay for our value? If we make decisions for expediency and against our values, we give away the value of our values. […]

Hire The Expert…?

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Who would you rather hire: the expert or the novice? Which we should hire depends on what we mean by “expert.” Often we think we need experts who know how to do the work really well and who can be up to speed quickly. They already know how to make the sale, work the numbers, […]

What Not to Focus On When Hiring

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What to look for when hiring? It’s not what usually appears on people’s resumes. It’s not grades or degrees. Google has proven that for us. And it’s not experience or accomplishments; these are too tied to the work of past collaborators and to past companies’ cultures, industries, and market conditions. Instead, focus on the role. […]

Attitude etc.

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Most of us hire employees based on their skills and experience. We believe that these are the best predictors of success. We filter for them on resumes. We test for them in interviews. And we think we need to find people who will be productive right away. But as the old adage goes, “When we […]


A Real Pain in the Assumption Biases when Hiring

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Bias in hiring is not limited to discrimination against people belonging to specific groups or having certain traits. We must also watch for assumption biases. Without careful thought, we may select people based on hidden assumptions about the role, the environment, ourselves, and the candidates. For example, take this assumption: “I have to get along with […]


Hiring Well: It’s Not About Skills Or Experience

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Hiring candidates who have the skills and experience we need can be very risky. In the end, it doesn’t matter if they are provably good at budgeting, sales, project management, training, coding, operations, marketing, or any other skill. To see why, consider the main reasons we have for firing people. They don’t care. They don’t […]

Why We Needn’t Hire The Experienced

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Back in day, when things were more Industrial-Age-same-same, we could hire people based on their experience. The question, “Have they done this successfully elsewhere?” was a decent proxy for, “Will they do this successfully here?” Not anymore. Everything is unique, now. That they did it there is no guarantee at all that they will do […]