Why We Needn’t Hire The Experienced

Back in day, when things were more Industrial-Age-same-same, we could hire people based on their experience. The question, “Have they done this successfully elsewhere?” was a decent proxy for, “Will they do this successfully here?”

Not anymore.

Everything is unique, now. That they did it there is no guarantee at all that they will do it here. Far more important is fit. We can only answer the question, “Will they do this successfully here?” by discovering if they have the talent, attitude, values, drive, and caring to deliver what’s needed for this role, in this organization, at this time.

Yes, this is harder than simply finding someone whose done it elsewhere. And it is necessary if we want to make sustained, successful hires.

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PS: The good news is that, because we are no longer limited to choosing people with experience, we have a richer, broader pool to draw from.

PPS: When a role demands a certain amount of mental- or emotional maturity, we will often but not always find that in people with more life experience.

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