Lead, Influence, and Sell from the Beginning

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We usually start with, “This is what I want you to do.” Then we have to overcome the resistance that comes whenever others think we are telling them what to do. They may or may not comply and we will have spent a ton of time and energy trying to make it happen. That’s because we are starting at the wrong end of the process.

Whether we are leading, influencing, or selling, the first step is always to acknowledge the other and continue to build honest rapport with them. Next we learn (or learn more of) their needs, wants, and desires. We then explore how what we want can support what they want. The last step is to agree who will do what by when.

That looks like a lot of effort, right? We think, “Why can’t people just do what I want them to?” Well, they just don’t (or, if they do, they won’t for very long). And we will waste so much less energy and effort by following the process in the right direction.


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