Practical Infinity and New Business

practically infinite

Try this. Open up Google Earth or another favorite map and zoom in to your present location. Then slowly zoom out. Look around. Notice all the buildings on all the streets and think about the people that populate them. If we go slowly and notice, it’s hard to miss how huge this world is. And how practically limitless are our business and career opportunities.

We can have three reactions to this practical infinity: turtling, hoping, and riding the wave.

Turtling in the face of this infinity, we think that opportunity is rare and hard to find. We think people are unkind or at least uninterested. So we drain ourselves with old-school numbers games and struggle.

Hoping in the face of this infinity, we know the opportunities are great but fear they are only great for others. So we wait for new business to appear, like scraps from the table. We drain ourselves in hoping while fearing.

Riding the wave of this infinity, we understand how much opportunity is always present. We know that we are valued contributors to the party. And we excitedly engage the world outside our door. We fill ourselves while helping others as they need it.

Hang ten.


In your corner,


PS: We can ride this wave in sales, recruitment, and job search. It’s also good for finding helpful vendors, new friends, life mates, and even a really great restaurant.


Today’s photo credit: NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center cc