The Three Planners


There are three types of planners: the worrier, the fool, and the sage.

Worriers plan out of fear of what could go wrong. Their plans can reduce risk…and reward.

The opposite are the fools. They boast that everything will be fine. So they don’t plan. They may hit a home run occasionally…and they strike out often.

The sages plan out of anticipation of delightful results, of what could go right. They engage the people and line up the resources. They know some things likely will go sideways and they remain cool. Where they can anticipate trouble, they plan around it. When unexpected spanners enter the works, they deal with them deftly.

While we all want to be sages, sometimes we are worriers and fools. And with this awareness, we can be the sage more and more often.


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Today’s photo credit: HVargas cc

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