The Hardest Part Is Remembering To Be It


Why do you do what you do? Most of us will search but not have a solid answer for this. That is, not until we get to the very bottom of it, to what we all want.

Ultimately we all want to be free, happy, and growing. So we dedicate our time and energy to doing things at work and home to get ourselves there.

Yet freedom, happiness, and growth are our birthright. Action, time, and energy can’t bring us what we already are. But our attitudes or buzz can do a fine job of separating us from those innate qualities. Feeling bad, we dedicate time and energy to dive into action. We think it will help and it can’t.

To re-grant ourselves freedom, happiness, and growth, we need only get good at raising our buzz.

The hardest part is remembering to be it. When we do, we and the people we lead will benefit.


In your corner,


PS: Give yourself freedom, happiness, and growth. (Hint: it’s easy because it’s already there.)


Today’s photo credit: Adriano Gasparri cc

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