Why This Great Secret Remains A Secret


There are two kinds of expectation. The first is like an angry demand: “I expect you to do your homework. I expect people to listen and do what I say.” The second is like the kid in us anticipating a wonderful party: “Oooh! This is going to be fun.”

One of the great secrets of success is to expect what we most want. That is, find a way to be excited in anticipation–like a that kid. When we are in this state, we don’t fret the “hows” or worry what might go wrong. We look forward, feeling good.

I think the reason this remains a secret is that many people assume we mean the first kind of expectation.


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PS: FYI, leader: the excited sort of expectation is contagious and nutritious. And most people in your organization are starving from lack of it.


Today’s photo credit: Tim Ebbs cc

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