Addicted to “How”?


We have somehow come to believe that we must vigilantly think about how all manner of things will unfold. We imagine that bad things will happen if we don’t try to anticipate and control eventualities. For most any situation, we envision all that could go wrong, we generate angst, we lower our buzz, and become less happy. We are addicted to “how” and it is an awful drug.

You might fear that we need to worry the “hows.” “How would anything get done otherwise?” you might wonder.

Try this thought experiment: What if you were constitutionally unable to think about how something will get done? Would it still get done?

Luckily, it will get done. And we can reduce our dependence on “how.” Focusing on what we want, why we want it, and how it will feel when it happens, we replace “how” thinking with creative thinking. And we notice that things get done, decisions and plans do get made–just in time–without all those nasty side effects.


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