We Are All In Sales


In his book, To Sell Is Human, Dan Pink tells us we are all salespeople now. Regardless of our roles, we each must convince people to part with resources including time, attention, effort, and money.

This can be scary. Dan asked people about the words “selling” and “sales.” Most of them conjured an image of a cheap-suited, slimey, old-school used car salesman. Who wants to be like that? Yuck-o.

The good news is that none of us need ever be like that. Whether we are leading, selling, or influencing others, we need only get good  at honest, authentic, and effective win-win-or-let’s-not-play conversations. That is, we learn what others really want, we express what we really want, and we explore with them how to make that happen.

So much better.


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Today’s photo credit (at least in part): boeke via photopin cc

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