Same Thing, Ya?


I regularly remind people that, in order to get whatever they are after, they must first feel good, then act. When we are low, the thoughts we are thinking will feel bad and put the solutions we need out of reach.

Sometimes people give me blank looks. Sometimes I get raw disbelief. Most of the time, people try to feel good then give up. They say,

  • “It’s hard to catch those bad feeling thoughts.”
  • “I am so used to thinking negatively.”
  • “I try to feel good but then the negative thoughts keep coming back.”
  • “I don’t think this works.”
  • “Or, at least, it doesn’t work for me.”

While I am sure these reasons are accurate, they are also just more thoughts that don’t feel good.



In your corner,


PS: You should see the looks they give me when I make that last point.

Today’s photo credit: Ennor via photopin cc

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