Use Both Ways to Your Goals

both ways

There are two ways to achieve a goal. Both work. One involves planning a series of steps that logically flow from one to the next. We then act based on our plans: “Make it so.” Most of us think we use this method most of the time.

The other is more freeform. Much more freeform, some would say.

This second way requires feeling. We feel what it will be like to achieve the goal, we keep our buzz high and feel a sense of appreciation for our situation, then we act as inspired. This is a highly effective way to achieve our goals. Yet few of us think or would ever admit that we use this approach. It seems so…uneducated? unsophisticated? unscientific? Funny thing: most of us use it all the time and don’t recognize it.

Use the first way when you know exactly how things will work out, when there are few uncertainties. Use the second way when you are in new territory or the outcomes are uncertain.


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PS: In the Tao Te Ching, Lao Tse says, “The Master does nothing and yet nothing is left undone.” He’s talking about this second way. (We are the masters, btw.)


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