Get Something Rolling

When things around you are going poorly and it seems you have no power to change it, think again.

You can change more than you imagine.

We think we have no power only because we confuse power with force. We forget the difference and end up thinking we need to use force. That feels awful because we know in our hearts that force (which includes criticism, complaint, and fighting) makes things worse. Pointing out where others are at fault doesn’t help a bit. Adding your grievance to the pile just makes a bigger pile of what no one wants.

So use your power. Your power is your ability to care and act in ways only you can. Find ways to create value and wins. To bring love. To start small, get something rolling, and let it grow.

You are surrounded by others who are feeling the pressure of the same crappy situations you face. Look about you. Listen. What does your boss need? What would help your colleague? What can you do for your client to cause her or him to sigh in relief? What about your family and friends? Even in the crappiest situations (and even with people you might imagine are your opponents), you have the power. It’s in you.

Start from where you are. I can’t wait to see what you get rolling.


In your corner,


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