When Doors Close

Here’s something that we know and sometimes forget: one door closing causes infinite other doors to open. The joy is in the […]

Tough Love

Seeing unhelpful behavior from someone on the team, we tend to either avoid or press. If we tend to avoid, we don’t […]


Hyper, unexamined, superhuman, the need to keep up, and racing to it. Not the product of a strategic decision but an unexamined […]

Underestimate the Power?

Never underestimate the power of trust, care, empathy, vulnerability, openness, forgiveness, love to change even the worst situations.   In your corner, […]

fearful plate

Fear and Love

At the base of everything we experience is fear and love. That’s it. That’s all. We are a bundled blend of these. […]


Power and its Opposite

Let’s agree to be powerful leaders (with or without title). To do that, let’s first distinguish power from its opposite. Power is […]

heart hand

Two Sides of the Same Coin

The sages have always said that there are just two emotions: love and fear. It’s helpful to see that these are two […]