When Doors Close

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Here’s something that we know and sometimes forget: one door closing causes infinite other doors to open. The joy is in the choosing. “What now?” is a delicious question. Then, having chosen, the joy is in choosing to appreciate what we have chosen. Another word for this is love. In your corner, Michael

Generate Results in Meetings

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We might push, posture, protect, or prattle to get results in a meeting. Or we can let go, listen, learn, and lean in. Which aprroach is more likely to generate results that last beyond the end of the meeting? Right. In your corner, Mike P.S. And love. P.P.S. Which approach is more enjoyable, more likely […]

Tough Love

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Seeing unhelpful behavior from someone on the team, we tend to either avoid or press. If we tend to avoid, we don’t want the conflict. But then we will keep missing the opportunities to call people on unhelpful behaviors. They will believe we tacitly agree with their approach. The longer we wait, the harder it […]


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Hyper, unexamined, superhuman, the need to keep up, and racing to it. Not the product of a strategic decision but an unexamined ramping up of idiocy. This is what many of us mistake for success. Success really is loving and spending time and attention on what we love. What do you love?   In your […]


Good Leadership, Wise Business

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The sages tell us that there are only two reactions to anything: fear or love. Nothing else. So if we catch ourselves feeling bad or trying to attack, avoid, complain, or criticize anything, we are in fear. The solution to whatever we fear is to love it. This does not mean we should accept something […]

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Fear and Love

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At the base of everything we experience is fear and love. That’s it. That’s all. We are a bundled blend of these. We are heading toward more love and less fear. Fear impels a need to control actively (make stuff happen, attack) or passively (avoid, defend). Control is silly: things are way too complex to […]


The Secret Ingredient

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Before we direct, correct, encourage, sell to, influence, plead with, or praise people, let’s take a moment to quietly love them. If we can’t love them, let’s appreciate them. We can find even some small aspect about who they are that we honestly appreciate. It takes a minute or two before a meeting. With practice, we can do it […]


Power and its Opposite

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Let’s agree to be powerful leaders (with or without title). To do that, let’s first distinguish power from its opposite. Power is the stance of a person who knows who she is, who understands his habits and fears, and who, no matter what happens or may happen, remains undefended and clearly focused on and in […]

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Two Sides of the Same Coin

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The sages have always said that there are just two emotions: love and fear. It’s helpful to see that these are two sides of the same coin. Love is what you feel whenever you are allowing and appreciating what you want. Fear is what you feel whenever you are holding yourself away from what you […]