What To Do When Things Become Dysfunctional


Sometimes, the level of dysfunction in a group situation is so high that logic, best practice, and pretty much all other well-meaning interventions are utterly useless. Nothing you do will make a difference, it seems. Common examples: organizations in crisis, some volunteer boards, some families, and some councils, congresses, and parliaments.

That’s because the buzz of these situations is so low compared to the buzz of the good solutions. The people in these situations are bound up by some significant amount of fear, defense, anger, uncertainty, hate, and doubt. Buzzing like that, they simply cannot see, understand, or implement any good solutions.

We can be forgiven for thinking that largely dysfunctional situations like these are hopeless. We wonder, “What can we possibly do?”

We can raise the buzz. No matter how low the buzz of a situation, we can quietly, discretely practice seeing the good, the clever, the transformative in each person involved. Going person by person, we can give each the gift of believing more than they do in their capacity for calm, collaboration, love, honesty, accountability, and trust. As their buzz goes up, the solutions we would have them try become sensible and productive in their minds.

Don’t underestimate the power of this gift. It works a charm.


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PS: We can use this method even on the people we think can never change. It especially works well on the ones we think are the causes of the problems.

PPS: This does not mean admonishing others to raise their buzz. Telling them will only make things worse.


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