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Why We Cannot Afford to Judge


As leaders (with or without title), influencers, and sales people, we cannot afford to judge others. Not at all.

To judge another, we necessarily pretend that we are special, more deserving, better. Others will sense this in us and find (oh so) many ways to resist, unconsciously if not consciously. That resistance, left unchecked, kills sales, projects, companies, and nations.

It is not that we should think we are somehow unimportant, less deserving, or worse than others.  But that we are all perfectly-equally important, deserving, and good.


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PS: When I say “judging,” I mean “judging negatively.”

PPS: Next time you catch yourself judging someone–even for the smallest thing–try seeing them instead as important, deserving, and good. Do this quietly, to yourself. You likely will be surprised by how they respond. It may be subtle at first and grow more obvious in due time.

PPPS: Though we choose not to judge another, we still will address behaviors that aren’t working well for us. Whole other kettle of fish, that.

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